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As a professional speaker, renowned author businessman, and educator,

Reverend Brian Richards delivers powerful, charismatic and high-energy presentations

which inspire individuals and organizations alike, to their respective levels of greatness.

His keynote speeches impact, incite and inform. the trainings transforms!

Reverend Brian has over 25 years of business and human relations

experience in the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ,

and has spent the last twelve years in missionary fields in Philippines & China

and now in India & Pakistan researching, producing and presenting his own counselling

material. He has owned and has founded, several successful organizations including

The Word of Faith Ministries International (Australia), and The Brian Richards & Associates vision.

With the (United Saints of Australia) Reverend Brian Richards

delivers specific, client-focused programs which address His audience needs.

His wisdom, presence, and natural charm as a man of God, consistently connects him

with his audience who stay eager to hear more words of knowledge,

in the Prophetic Ministry of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Utilizing a powerfully dynamic delivery and little-known material,

as a Marriage Celebrant,Pastor, and Pioneer the Reverend ignites, inspires,

and pulls his audience to their highest levels of achievement by the Power of the Holy Spirit.


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Email-ID : brichards22@msn.com and for Affiliates: brichards22@msn.com

Phone No : +61 407274658