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We Live In Prophecy Every Day -Iron sharpens iron

We are living in a prophetic time where we should be experiencing a breakthrough in our lives. We are called to be a breakthrough generation for an Apostolic purpose.This book has a powerful anointing in the words and will change your mind for ever,you will start to think like Jesus and be led by a different Spirit (Romans 8:14) will become a living reality in your life.When we start to walk like this then (mark 16:15) Will be an every day experience and we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.Devotional be a warning to carefully choose your actions, but let it also be a challenge to Take what the previous generation did for God to a higher level. Don’t let excuses be


Baptism of Fire

  • ABOUT AUTHOR As a professional speaker, renowned author businessman, and educator, Reverend Brian Richards delivers powerful, charismatic and high-energy presentations which inspire individuals and organizations alike, to their respective levels of greatness. His keynote speeches impact, incite and inform. the trainings transforms! Reverend Brian has over 25 years of business and human relations experience in the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, and has spent the last twelve years in missionary fields in Philippines & China and now in India & Pakistan researching, producing and presenting his own counselling material. He has owned and has founded, several successful organizations including The Word of Faith Ministries International (Australia)