Benevolent Agreement Meaning

A Dictionary of Law ” Article 6:199 Worker`s Duties – 1. In the course of his benevolent intervention, the intervener must act with caution and, to the extent that it is reasonable to expect from him, continue the intervention he has initiated. – 2. As soon as reasonably possible, the intervener reports his actions to the person concerned. If he has spent or received money on behalf of the individual, he must also account for those payments. BENEVOLENCE, duty. A friendly action to another, pure goodwill, without legal obligation. It is only a moral duty and it cannot be imposed by law. A good wan is benevolent to the poor, but no law can force him to do so. III.

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severability; INTERPRETATIONXIV. Total agreementXV. VariousXVI. Copyright DirectiveXVII. coordinates. Introduction These terms of use (“Agreement”) are an agreement between you (“you” or “user”) and Benevolent, NFP (“Benevolent,” “us” or “we”). This contract regulates your access and use of Benevolent`s website to (the “website”). The site provides information about Benevolent and is designed to encourage individual donation, to meet individual needs, by connecting those in need, charities or government organizations (“organizations”) and professionals (“validators”) who associate these charities or government organizations that help these individuals to help meet such needs.