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All funds made here are used in Evangelism for South-East-China-Seas, see what is happening now in Philippines!
THE BIBLE SAY’S IN HEBREWS 13: 3 to remember them that are in prison.Sleeping mats with pastor diony.no. 2 sleeping mats
SO THE “Word of Faith Ministries International”(Australia) have done some fund raising to supply the prisoners with 400 bibles for all the prisoners.We told them that God loves you even thou you have sinned to be a prisoner, now is the time to repent and change your mindset then receive the goodness of God.“This is a new work that started on Christmas 2015 & again 2016″”Hebrews 13:3″ tells us to remember those that are in prison: ( see in video the prisoners receiving Bibles & Sleeping mats). Then click Here to see Revbrian-Bookstore thankyou for your visit & purchase

Author: Reverend Brian Richards

Revbrian has other websites but this is his favourite that allows to comment. Revbrian is self supported through our own contributions and donations of friends is raising funds by selling of progressive autobiography books for raising funds for victims of floods and earthquakes and missionary evangelism for all Asian minor countries in examples to Philippines and China,Kenya,India,Pakistan,and many others not yet visited, but invitations are excepted, with donations to make it possible to visit and for Missionary-Evangelism and much Salvation, Healing and deliverance will be made possible. (this is our vision) http://trafficbuilder3.com