Ilwu Pma Agreement

Regardless of that, the news of a West Coast agreement should relieve shippers who depend on marine freight for their products. The stability is there, at least officially. The same is not true for East Coast ports whose contracts expire in 2018 and which are currently mired in disputes with the International Longshoremen`s Association. . “No one wants to see a repeat of the problems experienced in 2014-15, and this remarkable sign of good faith on the part of both work and management ensures that such a situation is avoided,” said Jonathan Gold, vice president of the National Retail Federation for Supply Chain and Customs Policy. Once the new treaty is ratified, West Coast ports will have a renewed budget to focus on further improvements needed over the next five years. The spectre of port disruptions on the West Coast in 2014-15 – which ended with the intervention of then-President Obama and cost the United States billions of dollars – followed ports that suffered from the lost faith of shippers. A survey conducted a year later revealed the great discontent caused by the strikes, which led to a lower degree of confidence and satisfaction with current affairs. Customers have had to diversify the use of the port, while others have moved from sea freight to air freight at considerable cost.

“We run a compliance business and sell by-products,” joked one cannabis industry expert. The supply of buildings begins with an understanding of the rules. The news of a contract extension is a welcome sign for all players in the supply chain who have watched nervously the evolution of labour negotiations in recent years. ILA workers threatened to strike in February, prompting the NRF to downgrade another press release saying, “Thousands of businesses and millions of workers rely on these ports, and any interruption of their operations for one day could have a negative impact on the U.S. economy.” While the strike was finally cancelled, the underlying problems (automation, regulation) remain unresolved.