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Join Prophet-Evangelist School (part 2) we are self supported through our own contributions,and the love gifts of others whom wish to give a donation on website following I am surprised how many Christians don’t know the requirements of “How to lead some one to the Lord in prayer & deed” So I prayed to the Lord God what to do about this? the result is a series called. “Join Prophet-Evangelist School” several good reports already about this, however we would like to hear from you to-day and please click the bell on top of video so you will be sent the next video right to your email address.Please join our email list to to send you prayer requests and comments, and good reports.We have prayed for many people with terminal illness, and now God has reached them with miracle healing, & deliverance from evil spirits that are cursing the sickness.Some time its generational curses that needs to be broken, and through un- forgiveness & bitterness being broken healing comes in Jesus Name. (Thank you for many healing testimonies.)
Also as we have Marriage Celebrants on our team there is a notice of intended Marriage download right here click to down load this notice then send the filled out form to