Living in Prophecy and Not Knowing It

Luke 23:7
“And as soon as he knew that he belonged unto Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who himself also was at Jerusalem at that time.”

One of the amazing things about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is how much prophecy was being fulfilled, yet they could not see it. One of those instances was in the verse above. When Jesus was being tried by Pilate, it was said that Jesus was a Galilean. That area was ruled by Herod, and Pilate’s thought was that he could dump this on Herod to politically save himself. It just so happened that Herod was in Jerusalem at that time. Why this is so important is because if Herod had not been in Jerusalem, then Jesus would not have died during the time of the Passover, which would have gone against Scriptures. They were living in prophecy and didn’t even know it.

What is sad is how often people are living in prophecy and can’t see it. The prodigal son lived in prophecy that sin’s pleasure is only for a season, and he never saw it. Belteshazzar lived in prophecy by rebelling against the Word of God and never saw it. Peter lived in prophecy when he denied Jesus three times and never saw it. Samson lived in prophecy when Delilah was continually trying to find the source of his strength and he couldn’t see it. We could go on and on telling of people in the Scriptures who were told that something was going to happen if they went down a certain path, but they never saw it.

Sadly, people today make the same mistakes. They think they are the exception to Scriptures, but they are not. People are told they will destroy their lives if they make a certain decision, and their stubbornness blinds them to the fact that they are living in prophecy as they head down a destructive path. People oftentimes know that immorality destroys lives, but they think they are the exception and head down the road of prophecy and never see their eminent destruction. There are some things you can do to avoid this.

First, never think you will be the exception to God’s Word. If God’s Word says that something will lead to destruction, then you would be wise to avoid that path. Many people have fulfilled the prophecy of God’s Word concerning sin and never saw it because they thought they were the exception. Let me make this very clear, YOU ARE NOT THE EXCEPTION!

Second, listen to people who are telling you that you are headed down a wrong path. We become deafened by our own pride and desires and can’t see that we are living in prophecy. When someone tells you that you are headed towards destruction, listen to what they are saying and change your ways. When someone tells you that if you make a certain decision that it will hurt you, then you would be wise not to fulfil their prophecy and avoid that decision. Don’t live in the prophecy of someone’s caution because you are too proud to admit that they could be right.

Let me ask you, are you living in prophecy and can’t see it? You must always remember that there is a price to sin. You are not the exception. Sin has a way of blinding you to the fact that you are living in the prophecy of what sin does to you. If you will keep a tender heart and listen when someone warns you, you will find that you will not become the fulfillment of someone’s prophecy. Set your pride aside and listen because sin’s prophecy of destruction has never been wrong.


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